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【 HTML Magazine February 2011 】
Ajet World
Topic: Japanese food in America
Finding an 'OBENTO' in the USA
I really miss Japanese food so I decided to go in search of the obento. A new Japanese restaurant opened in the downtown and as I walked by I noticed a sign in the window with pictures of obento boxes. It was exciting to see them all and I could not wait to have lunch with my friend who loves Japanese food too. The difference between my friend and I is that I have been to Japan but she has not so she was not familiar with the obento lunch. We both ordered a different obento. Her obento was a beef stir fry and mine was a chicken cutlet.

Beef Stir Fry Bento


Chicken Cutlet Bento
During our meal she and I said nothing about the food until the end. She asked me what was so special about the obento because to her it looked like a box that was used instead of a plate so it was annoying to try to mix the rice with the stir fry. The box was certainly an American version as it was huge and there was none of the cute touches such as carrot shaped flower or pink fish shape of an obento made in Japan.

Cute touches such as carrot shaped flower!

Note: instead of a plate お皿でなくて・・・
    Cute touches : かわいい感覚
How much would you pay? USA vs Japan.
I did ask a number of Americans if they would pay $50 for a cantaloupe and the reply I got was that they would only pay that much for a whole case of them. I was asked if this was really the price in Japan and I had to say that it was most certainly the price BUT that I actually tried one of these melons and it was amazing. I am not sure it was worth $50 but it was so much more delicious than the melons we get in the USA for around $2.99.


何人かのアメリカ人に1個のメロンに50ドル払うかって聞いてみたら、それらの1ケースが50ドルなら払ってもいいって言ってたわ。日本では、本当にそんなにするの?って聞かれたから私はその通りの値段よ って答えるしかなかった。でも、一口それを食べたら驚いたわ。$50の価値があるかは、判らないけどアメリカで2.99ドルで買えるものよりも驚くほどおいしかったわ!

Note: cantaloupe:マスクメロン
$50 or $2.99 ?


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