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【 HTML Magazine Jun 1st 2002 】
Hello Everyone!

Well have I got some travel tips for you. I just came back from the beautiful city of Sydney.
Now I know that it is tempting to take a tour but if there is a group of you then stay away from the normal tourist spots and see some of the real Sydney.

If you are coming to Sydney for a holiday this year and you love art then you must go to the International Festival of Contemporary Art. It is on until July 2002 and is in all the major museums and galleries for the program have a look at
www.biennaleofsydney.com.au as this will tell you about all the events. It is a great idea to go to museums wherever you travel to see the local art. Then you get an insight into differences between cultures as well as types of expression.

If you go to the Opera House try to make there on a Sunday afternoon for the Jazz and coffee at this venue nearby.

Getting Around Sydney- Getting from place to place can be expensive. Try the Sydney Explorer Bus. This bus is thirty dollars a day and stops at all the major sights in Sydney. You just get off at the sight you want to see and then come back to the same place to catch the bus again. The buses run from 8.40 am to 5.22 pm. The ticket also lets you travel on regular buses up to 12 midnight. The bus is red and you can buy tickets at the airport if you wish.

Cheap accommodation
- Most travel packages give you lots of accommodation in Sydney but I found that it was much cheaper booking on the Internet. Try priceline.com or lastminute.com. There you can get 4 or 5 star accommodation at reasonable prices. It is very easy to do and all the hotels are well known. I think the best end of town to stay is at the Inter Continental on Phillip or the Ritz Calton on Alfred Street because then you can go for a walk in the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens.

Royal Botanical Gardens.

At the Gardens it is really peaceful and you can just sit anywhere and enjoy the wildlife even in this big inner city park. I was sitting here and then I heard something behind me and it was a water dragon. He was sunning himself on a rock and pretended to be a tree branch. He kept really still and did not move until he could not wait for me to move anymore so he ran and jumped into the water. These lizards are more scared of us than we are of them. However they are very patient.

Going Bats…..フルーツバット(こうもり)
If you look up into the trees you will see many fruit bats. At first I thought they were coconuts until I heard them all argue and move around. They only stay in one part of the garden but you will be amazed at just how many of them there are.If you keep on walking around through the tropical rainforest area then you will see a path leading to Mrs Macquarie’s chair. This area is a great view of the harbour so it is well worth the walk.


When you have a clear blue sky and it is a beautiful day you can see all the way across the harbour from the chair which is carved in rock.
It is just at the right place and if you think about how it would have looked to her so many years ago.
If you look over the harbour you can see a big patch of green and that is the Taronga Park Zoo.
This Zoo is an amazing collection of Australian animals as well as those from all over the world. If you do really want to get some fresh air then you can take a ferry across to the Zoo from Circular Quay (Quay sounds like key). This is the area where most of the ferries are based. As you walk around further you get a fantastic view of the city scape( Scape is another word for the look of the city). If you look you can see a tower. This tower is called Centre Point Tower and it has a some of the best cusine. If you are dinning there then make sure that you book a window seat as it is arevolving restaurant and in 90 minutes you get to see the night view of Sydney.

Also if you are an adventurous person then order the aussie meat combination. This has three meats …kangaroo, emu and crocodile.
You will be very surprised at the taste …..a real adventure for your taste buds ( tastebuds- the sensors on your tongue that helps you to determine tastes of foods).

Well this is part one of Sydney so if you have any questions or you would like more information then please e-mail me and I will give you some different choices. Also if you need help with booking things such as the restaurant then I will help

Take care and plan your trip,

Ajet Blondy….in Sydney

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